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  • Global Perspective on Large Herd Management

    At the February Member's Meeting at Invervay Dr. Zankar provides a global perspective on large scale dairy farm management.

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  • NZARN Elects 2017 Committee

    The NZARN AGM and members meeting at Invermay on 8 February was a smashing success, attended by 17 members and one associate member.

    Congratulations to the 2017 Commitee members:

    Jakob Kleinmans - Chair

    Wendy Morgan - Treasurer

    Trish Lewis - Secretary

    Committee members: Andrea Murphy,

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  • Nutrition and Management of Close Up Dry Cows - Andrea Murphy

    A springer cow is a Close Up Dry Cow (CUDC) but not all CUDC are visibly springing.  The CUDC phase begins 21 days prior to calving and is differentiated from the Far Away Dry Cow based around changing nutritional requirements as the cow gets closer to calving.

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  • Dry Matter Intake by Pasture-Fed Cows - Charlotte Westwood

    The intake of pasture dry matter by cows is an important driver for profit for any New Zealand pasture-based dairy business.  Pasture grown per hectare is related to operating profit per hectare.

    For more details on this topic, click on the files below...

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  • Nutrition Decision Options with Low Milk Prices

    International dairy prices have hit a six year low, leading to low milk payout forecasts by the major milk processors for the coming season.  This has resulted in considerable comment regarding the profitability or otherwise of dairy farmers, and general recommendations to cut costs.

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  • Managing the Transition Cow - Sue Macky

    Sucessful transition sets the scene for maximising productivity and minimising problems in the subsequent lactation.  A smooth transition into lactation is an essential part of feed conversion efficiency and dry matter intake, and hence profitablity.

    For more details on this topic, click on the files below...

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  • Maximising Dry Matter Intake in Dairy Cows - Bryan McKay

    This presentation highlights how comparative stocking rate, well grown heifers enering the herd, late lactation management, body condition score, far off dry cow management, transition management, fresh cow management, understanding cow signs and feed management all contribute to achieving the goal of maximising dry matter

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  • Getting the best value out of forages - Jakob Kleinmans

    Forage plays a major role in feeding ruminants because they provide necessary physically effective fibre which is the basis for good rumen health.

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  • Rearing Heifers from Weaning to Calving - Natalie Chrystal

    The estimated cost of rearing a heifer to first calving in New Zealand is around $1,400, with little difference in the cost of rearing a good heifer compared to a poor one.

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  • Feeding Supplements & Practical Ration Balancing - Julian Waters

    This presentation was designed to give dairy farmers:

    • An overview of non-forage feed supplements and their nutritional components,
    • Some basic nutritional principles, and
    • Provide a brief example of ration balancing principles.

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  • Ensuring your silage is fit for purpose - Trish Lewis

    The quality of the crop cut for silage is important, but everything you do from cutting to feeding out effects the quality of the silage that the cows consume.

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  • Diurnal Grazing Patterns: Its understanding and Strategic Management; Dr. Pablo Gregorini

    Within a day, grazing decisions such as when to begin, which frequency and how to distribute grazing events determine ruminants diurnal grazing pattern.  Ruminants can have between three to five daily grazing events.

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  • Condition Management - Can it help fertility? Nigel Meads

    For a long time the world has watched as statistics of reproductive performance have declined. This is a worldwide observation covering many breeds, farming systems and geographies.

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