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The NZARN is a network of experienced ruminant nutritionists. The network enables exchange of ideas and experience amongst professionals, to understand and improve health and productivity of ruminant livestock.

As the New Zealand ruminant sectors strive for continued improvements in production, environmental sustainability and profitability, the necessity for improved nutrition becomes pivotal. The NZARN has been established to provide a venue for discussion amongst nutritionists actively working within the New Zealand industry. Farmers can have confidence that advisers associated with this professional body have access to knowledge and information which can help them meet and exceed environmental, productivity and profitability targets in a sustainable manner. This professional affiliation also provides a reference point to government agencies, industry bodies, and commercial companies to help address public concerns.

Participation is through regular meetings to discuss nutrition theories, industry issues and opportunities. It is a forum for nutritionists to compare notes, clarify understanding and keep technical knowledge current. International and local speakers are invited to share specialist information with the group. Beyond the formal meetings, the network creates linkages between the members and other industry players. NZARN aims to co-operate with farmers and industry stakeholders to provide a unified view representative of its membership.

NZARN membership consists of a wide variety of professionals including nutritionists, researchers and veterinarians, working independently and in corporate capacities. It is a diverse group with a strong focus on helping farm clients and the greater industry derive optimal benefit.

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